K Pandyarajah Ballal Institutes
Someshwar Road, Subhas Nagar,
Ullal , Mangalore - 575020.
Phone:0824 - 2465647
Email: puc@pandyarajahballal.org

Mission & Vision

MISSION: The motto of our college “Believe and Succeed” signifies our mission to provide a foundation for a lifetime of learning. K Pandyarajah Ballal P U College is dedicated to fostering intellectual growth, aesthetic appreciation, and character development in our students. The college community thrives on the principles that knowledge is acquired through discipline, competence is established when knowledge is tempered by experience, and character is developed when competence is exercised for the benefit of others. Learning at K Pandyarajah Ballal P U College extends beyond the classroom to encompass a broad range of residential, professional, and extracurricular opportunities. . K Pandyarajah Ballal P U College is committed to attract a diverse body of students, faculty, and staff. All members of the College community are encouraged to achieve excellence in their chosen fields and to share the responsibilities of citizenship and service in the global community.

VISION: The Vision of our college focus in providing a sustainable and accessible environment where we support and encourage student possibilities by building on the vibrancy of  K Pandyarajah Ballal P U College and where we are guided by the principles of inclusiveness, integrity, innovation, creativity, and quality. Empowered through resources, collegiality and public support. The college will provide diverse communities with excellent educational opportunities and services. We will inspire participatory student body in critical thinking and an engaged forward thinking. Like every great vision, we approach ours with a fresh look at key points in time.