Vijaya Clinic General Hospital | Vijaya Clinic Maternity & Surgical Nursing Home


All types of major surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedics, plasticsurgery, paediatricsurgery urosurgical and selected cardiothoracic surgeries take place here. Specialized equipment necessary for the latest laparoscopic surgery and operating microcope required for microsurgical procedures are available here. Excellent post op care is provided by our well-experienced senior nursing staff.

Maternity department fully equipped with ultrasound and electronic fetal monitoring tests are available here. A well-equipped labor theatre and an adjacent operation theatre exclusive for the purpose of maternity and gynecological cases are made available. Along with this services of well-trained senior nursing staff and to our efficiency.

We have all day long out patient department in this field with senior consultants available for consultation.
Maternity and gynaecological consultations are held in both the hospitals.

A well-equipped neonatal special babycare unit and facilities for paediatric consultion and immunization for new borns are also provided. Our aim is to provide treatment as its best with care and concern to the satisfaction of our patients.

We would be privileged to be able to serve the KSRTS GROUP and cater to all leading insurance companies.

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