What our Students say:

“It is indeed a white house of peace and calmness. The greenish garden draws our attention as we just step inside our campus. The beauty of our campus is doubled by our staff who are efficient friendly, inspiring and indeed a model.”
- Sr. Bindhu, I BPT

“Academic support is very hands on and there always someone to hold us and raise us up in every falls of our life”
Rajna Ravindran II BPT

“The best thing about being in KPBCPT, is that it has such a young and lively feel”
Dipen Soni, II BPT

“I m very happy with the reputation the college has and amount of help it gives to the students, that I m
motivated to do my post graduation also here.”
Dhruv Patel IV BPT

“As morning shows the day, my college shows me the way I just want to say, this is the best place to stay”
Kushvah Suraj IV BPT

“It is a perennial source of inspiration and zest for life”
Desai Anubhooti Emmanuel IV BPT

“The new fitness centre is superb and the fees are really reasonable. Also it’s good that we have a good cricket team”
- Ranjit Singha IV BPT

“Everything is really accessible and I m particularly happy with the library facilities which are excellent”
Arvind Manhas IV BPT

“ The college has a diverse and cosmopolitan student community and I enjoy experiencing a different culture and meeting people from different cultures – in brief the social life”
Saif Ullah Khan I BPT

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