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In the News :
Continuing Medical Education Programmes (CME) (2005-2006)

1. CME on propriocptive neuromuscular fascilitation on April 15th
2. CME on cervicothoracic dyofunction on July 14th
3. CME on electromyography and nerve conduction velocity on Feb 2nd and 3rd
4. CME on early intervention and diagnosis on June 3rd

Cases treated in the year 2005-2006

Dr. K. R. Ballal physiotherapy clinic at college campus which is well equipped, gives free treatment to the poor and the needy. 379 out patients were treated in the academic year.

Vijaya clinic general hospital has a physiotherapy which is well-equipped and has state of art equipments to treat various conditions on out patients and in patients bases.

The statistical date shows 547 out patientsand 687 inpatients were treated.

Statistical data in Vijaya clinic maternity and surgical home physiotherapy[y department shows740 inpatients, 467 outpatients, 25 patients for hydrotherapy and 15 patients for EMG were treated.


Physio Quest 2005 a one day conference ws conducted on June 4th, about 300 students from various colleges have attended the conference.

Lamaze Classes

Again Lamaze class is first of its kind in the state, being conducted as a child birth education program in which the students instill confidence in a women’s ability to birthing.

Continuing Physiotherapy Education Programmes and Workshops

Continuing Physiotherapy Education Programmes and workshops are conducted regularly in the field of hydrotherapy and physical therapy. Physiotherapy conventions in the name of “PhysioQuest” are organized yearly. Also the students are motivated and encouraged to participate in the CPE programmes and conferences.


Research is an integral part of the curriculum.
The students undertake text and practice based research which is funded by the college in collaboration with the university.



Our college has instituted, Dr. K. R. Ballal memorial scholarship to the highest scoring Ist yearstudents from different physiotherapy colleges in the state. A cash award of Rs. 500 and a certificate is issued in this regar.


The results for Nov 2005 examination were 90% for the II nd year and 100% for Ist, IIIrd and II nd year respectively.

Examination results

BPT year I ST CLASS II nd class
I year 75 % 25 %
II year 60 % 13 %
III year 69 % 25 %
IV year 75 % 20 %
B. Sc. Nursing I ST CLASS II nd class
I year 88 % 12 %
II year 68 % 13 %
III year 99 % 1 %
IV year 100 %  
GNM I ST CLASS II nd class
I year 98 % 2 %
II year 100 %  
III year 98 % 2 %
K.Pandyarajah Ballal Nursing Institute M.M.R.D., School of Nursing, Someshwar Road, Ullal.

Students are participating in international coastal clean up day every year during the month of September. For the community area at the end of the community programme students are arranging a skit about the spread of Malaria, Hazards of smoking, Environmental Hygiene and related diseases and AIDS awareness Programme. A large number of people of that area along with their leaders attended and appreciated our programmes. Students have participated in the filarial control Programme and distributed drugs to the villagers. They are attending every Pulse Polio Programme both in rural and urban areas.

The best outgoing student of each year is awarded a Gold Medal on behalf of the Management during the Annual day Programme.

We are conducting, Teacher’s day, World Health day, World Nurses Day etc., in the school. S.N.A unit is taking active part and participating in sports, Exhibition, competitions along with other institutions in South Kanara.

Academic progress is excellent. I Year, II Year and III Year mare getting cent percent result.

After the Diploma Course, they can work as staff Nurse in Government and Private hospitals, further they can work in the operation theatre, Special departments like, I.C.U., Intensive Baby Care Unit, Blood Bank etc., Opportunities are there to work abroad in U.S.A, U.K., Ireland, Newzealand and U.A.E. Most of our old students are working abroad and are well settled. After 2 years of experience they can join for post Basic B.Sc.(Nursing) which is 2 year course. After B.Sc they can further study M.Sc, M.Phil, P.H.D and wider their Horizons.

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