Salutation to our Founder

A man with motive
A Will to Inspire
A Zeal to Sweat
A Head to ponder
And a Heart to feel and serve, When these altogether runs and jumps, in the vein, then somewhere…

There comes an icon, a visionary to initiate, uptake and to continue…… an institution, a cause, and this time the expression was through Dr. K.R. Ballal, an educationist, who felt the needs of the country.
He cared for the aiding
He compassioned the needy
He comforted the poor
He tendered the crying
For many dreams that he had he toiled to serve the great cause for all of us now cheer in the form of this institution and the man who took up his ideals here and here-after.
As a great philanthropist as he was,
May we attain his vision and dreams as his message of service and care!


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