Bachelor of Physiotheraphy (BPT) | Master of Physiotheraphy (MPT)

B.P.T (Bachelor of Physiotherapy)
The Curriculum
Department of Hydrotherapy
Department of Movement Science
Department of Electrotherapy & Electrodiagnosis
Department of Orthopeadic & Sports Physiotherapy
Department of Neurology Physiotherapy
Department of Paediatric Physiotherapy
Community Physiotherapy
Entry Advice
Schedule of Examination, Criteria for pass, Declaration of Pass & Attendance
Tuition Fees
Application & Enrollment
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B.P.T (Bachelor of Physiotherapy) :

Attainment of optimum health is the desire of every individual. Health of the people is an index of the level of development of the country. The achievement of the country in preventing disease and promoting health depends upon the contribution of all members of health team. In remedial and rehabilitation therapy, Physiotherapy plays a vital role.

Physiotherapy is treatment of injury or disease by physical therapeutic means like heat, light, sound, electricity, LASER, water and mechanical forces instead of by medical, surgical, or radiological measures.

The foremost role of a physiotherapist is to Assess, Evaluate, Plan, Setting up of goals and Implementing the treatment and updating with the prognosis. Physiotherapists play an important part right from a little finger injury to an open heart surgery.


The curriculum
K Pandyarajah Ballal College of Physiotherapy offering a degree in physiotherapy is a four year course and is considered complete after an internship of six months and the degree is awarded thereafter. The Bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy is specifically designed to provide clinical training along with sound academic reinforcement. The course is structured around subjects which includes:


I year :

Human Anatomy
Therapeutic Physiology
Medical Electronics
Computer Applications
Biomechanics of Human Motion

II year :

Exercise Therapy
Management & Ethics

III year:

Clinical Orthopaedics
General Medicine
General Surgery
Community Medicine
Cardio thoracic Conditions

IV year:

Physiotherapy in Orthopaedics
General Medicine
General Surgery
Neurology & Neuro Surgery
Community- based Rehabilitation
Allied Therapeutics


Students will acquire skills that will give them the professional competence to treat a full range of Physical impediments which could be congenital, post-operative or after trauma. The Management skills imparted to students will also allow them to begin developing their abilities in the selection and implementation of rehabilitation schemes and measures.


K Pandyarajah Ballal College of Physiotherapy which was founded in 1996 is sponsored by K Pandyarajah Ballal Charitable trust (Regd). The college is affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health sciences, Bangalore. It is recognized by the Indian Association of Physiotherapists (IAP).The medical facilities for the training are provided in our Vijaya Group of Hospitals, Viz.

  • Vijaya Clinic Maternity and Surgical Home, Mangalore

  • Vijaya Clinic General Hospital, Mangalore

  • Dr. K.R. Ballal Physiotherapy Clinic, Ullal

  • Department of Hydrotherapy

    This is the first Hydrotherapy unit in Karnataka run by a college. It caters the needs of the patients with a wide variety of ailments. Our students have an edge over the others as they become well trained aquatic therapists.


    Department of Movement Science

    The students are trained in this therapeutic gymnasium which helps in accelerating the patient’s recovery from injuries and diseases. It composes of gait lab, walking aids, suspension therapy, mobilization and manipulation, massage and many more.


    Department of Electrotherapy and Electro diagnosis

    This department provides the student to treat through equipments like LASER, SWD, TENS, IFT, Ultrasound etc…based on electrical concepts catering to patients’ pain related to acute and chronic injuries
    Electromyography, NCV and Evoked Potentials are used by the students for electro diagnosis.


    Department of 0rthopaedic and Sports Physiotherapy

    The department enables students to develop a problem solving approach to musculo-skeletal diagnosis based on biomechanics and functional anatomy and to look critically at approaches to treatment and management of musculo-skeletal conditions. Students are guided in the development of their ability to initiate change towards evidence based practice.


    Department of Neurological Physiotherapy

    The department enables the students to look critically at approaches to neurological rehabilitation and to gain skills in the development and evaluation of assessment and treatment techniques. Emphasis is given on critical evaluation of the rationales underlying treatment and the evidence for their effectiveness. The department undertakes rehabilitation of wide variety of neurological cases.

    Department of Paediatric Physiotherapy

    The department aims at providing opportunity for the students to gain an understanding of the growth and development of the central nervous system with particular reference to psychomotor development. The students increase knowledge of practical applications through instruction from experts in the field and through exchange of ideas between themselves.


    Community Physiotherapy

    The students are also trained in the community set up in Ullal, Belthangady and Kantavera regions wherein they assess, evaluate, identify, and treat the patients at their doorstep. Also they refer the cases to the respective departments for further intervention.


    Entry Advice

    Admission is open to all candidates provided they are eligible for admission as per the rules. The students are admitted every year from June onwards and the classes commence in the month of September every year as per the university time table.


    The minimum educational qualification required for admission is 10+2/PUC or of other university as recognized and considered equivalent thereto by the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, with Science subjects viz, physics, chemistry and biology and securing not less than 45% of total marks in aggregate.

    A candidate seeking admission to Bachelor of Physiotherapy course , should have completed 17years of age, as on 31st December of the year of admission.

    Every candidate before admission to the course shall furnish to the Principal of the institution a certificate of Medical Fitness from an authorized Government Medical Officer to the effect, where that the candidate is physically fit to undergo the physiotherapy course.


    Schedule of Examination, Criteria for Pass, Declaration of pass and Attendance

    There will be two examinations in a year

    i) an annual examination and

    ii) supplementary

    examination conducted as per notification issued by the university. First, Second, Third and Final Examinations of the course shall be held at the end of 1st year, 2nd year, 2 ½ years and 3 ½ years respectively.

    A candidate shall be declared to have passed if he/she secures minimum pass marks prescribed for a subject in the university examination.

    A successful candidate obtaining 75% and more in the grand total aggregate in the first attempt shall be declared to have passed with distinction. A candidate obtaining 60% and more but less than 75% of the marks in the grand total aggregate in the first attempt shall be declared to have passed in first class. A candidate obtaining 50% and more and lessthan 60% of the marks in the grand total aggregate in the first attempt shall be declared to have passed in second class and a candidate who passes in more than one attempt will be paced in pass class irrespective of the percentage of marks.

    Conditions under which candidates are permitted to proceed to second and final year of the course are as follows:

    Candidates who have passed all the subjects prescribed for 1st and 2nd year of the course shall be eligible to proceed to the 3rd and Final year respectively

    Candidates who have completely passed all the subjects prescribed in 1st,2nd and final year BPT are permitted to do internship for 6 months in a hospital recognized for the purpose before the award of the degree.

    Only those candidates who have minimum 80% of attendance will be allowed to appear before the examination.

    Tuition Fees

    Tuition fees fixed for each academic year may be paid by the candidate. The fee structure is attached with the prospectus or may be obtained from the administrative office. Registration fee

    or any other charges are also payable by the candidate which are subject to change from time to time and will be decided by the management.

    The college reserves the right to make any alteration to fees as may be necessary at any time, although every effort will be made to give adequate notice of such changes.


    Application and Enrollment

    The Application

    The student seeking admission shall fill up the application forms attached to this prospectus and shall send it to the Principal of the institution as soon as possible. All questions on the form should be answered clearly and legibly and one complete set of supporting papers should be attached firmly to the completed application form.

    The duly attested supporting papers should include:

  • Four copies of PUC/10+2 marks card

  • Four copies of Birth certificate or SSLC certificate showing date of birth

  • Eight copies of Passport size photos

  • Eight copies of stamp size photos

  • Four copies of conduct certificate from two reputed persons

  • Four copies of physical and medical fitness certificate by registered medical practitioner
  • top

    Processing the application

    After scrutinizing the application received from the candidates, the decision will be conveyed to the eligible candidates as quickly as possible and they will be called for an interview.



    The right of selection is ultimately with management. Selected candidates will have to get admitted on payment of prescribed fees within the prescribed time. However the approval of admissions will be subject to Government of Karnataka rules and regulations as in force.

    The candidates are required to produce the original records and certificates at the time of interview.

    The management reserves the right to change the rules and regulations from time to time as required.

    ** If any student decides to withdraw voluntarily from the college at any time before completing the course, he/she should pay a penalty amount equivalent to the remainder of the course fees.

    *** This prospectus is intended principally as a guide to applicants for admission to the college. The material covered by it is subject to change from time to time before and after a candidates admission

    ****All the disputes and litigation will be decided by Mangalore court only.

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